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Ways to Harness Solar Power in Folsom, Ca

Ways to Harness Solar Power


Globally, solar powered energy needs in Folsom, Ca. are anticipated to increase every year or two until 2022. Why? Alternative energies like solar power panels allow individuals to create their own energy, reducing their energy costs significantly.  As prices continue steadily to fall and solutions continue to progress, solar demand in Folsom, Ca. is only going to increase over another several decades.

Nowadays there are 4 major ways to utilize solar energy, each using its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Understanding this permits homeowners to choose the sort of solar energy that best suits their needs.

Solar Thermal.

Solar thermal is quickly becoming one of the most frequent ways people use the energy of sunlight in Folsom, Ca. to create electricity. Solar thermal is attained by creating a range of mirrors that are angled to guide natural sunlight to 1 point. This directed sun light is then used to heat up water, which comes and spins a turbine to create plenty of electricity. That is fundamentally the same process as coal electricity development; however the coal has been substituted by clean solar energy. Solar thermal is often used to create electricity for large-scale resources.

Solar Panels.

Solar power panels, or photovoltaic modules, will be the most widely used technology to harvest the energy of sunlight. They work through the use of natural sunlight to energize electrons on the surface. These electrons are then used in a semiconductor where they could be extracted into a power circuit. When this occurs, the optical energy of sunlight is converted into electricity.

The ease of putting in a solar power system in Folsom, Ca. is the generating drive behind their level of popularity. Once installed, they'll produce a frequent blast of energy so long as the solar power panels are getting sunlight. Even on cloudy days and nights they'll produce electricity, albeit a lot less. Storage cells and different batteries can be found so residences with solar power panel can store energy on sunnier days and nights for use when it is cloudy.


Biofuels are another common way people are employing the energy of sunlight to produce energy. Plant life uses the procedure of photosynthesis to carefully turn the sun's energy into tangible byproducts, i.e. air, glucose, and vegetation matter. These byproducts may be used to power items people need. The common form of biofuel is ethanol, a byproduct of corn that can be used to power vehicles.

Artificial Photosynthesis.

The disadvantage of biofuels and natural photosynthesis is they have a minimal energy alteration rate. Manufactured photosynthesis looks to handle this problem by converting sun light into chemical substance fuels which may have a higher energy alteration rate.


These are just some of the ways to harness the sun's limitless energy. To find out more contact Energy Savings California.

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