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Utility Rate Increases in Folsom Sacramento El Dorado Hills, Ca. SOLAR PANELS, SOLAR ENERGY ENERGY INDEPENDENT

Have you noticed tour utility rates increasing in Folsom, Sacramento and El Dorado Hills, Ca.?

The utility bill arrives every month and we pay it. Even when the amount seems unreasonable, we pay it. We enjoy lighting, air conditioning, hot water and the coffee maker. We pay it. Every year the electricity rates increase. We pay it. Now is the time to kick your electric company to the curb and become energy independent.

Energy Savings California can show you how your solar system can pay for itself in energy cost savings and the type of return you may expect over its life span. We will also make sure you take advantage of all of the rebates, tax credits and other solar incentives that may be accessible to you.

Energy Savings California will complete your home solar project from beginning to end. We start with a conceptual design and go over with you, your financial budget to create a customized solar solution with the best profits on return.

We will review your annual energy usage and create a model to show the projected, regular monthly and yearly energy generation outcome of the conceptual solar array design.

Our process starts with a no cost consultation. During this time we will make an initial system design with satellite images and evaluate your electricity needs and budgetary concerns.

Choosing the right contractor to install solar panels is an important step in any kind of home improvement project. Energy Savings California will ensure you get a fair price, reasonable construction schedule, high quality material selection and workmanship, and we will be there for you every step of the way, to answer questions and address any concerns that may come up. Call us today at (916) 955-3374.

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