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Switching to Solar Energy in Folsom, Ca

There has never been a better time to make switch to solar energy in Folsom, Ca. As solar has become a mainstream energy source around the world, equipment prices have fallen exponentially. At the same time, reliability has increased dramatically with 25-year warranties now commonly available. Financial institutions have recognized that solar is a safe and reliable technology that provides attractive returns. Financing for residential projects is readily accessible at competitive rates. With low cost, high reliability and great returns, switching to solar energy in Folsom, Ca. just makes sense.

Solar PV systems produce energy when it is needed the most. Utility companies are increasingly implementing “time of use” or “tiered” billing to reflect the true cost of electricity. The typical peak prices are from 2:00pm – 7:00pm in the summer months. Rates during these hours are typically 4 - 6 times higher to discourage usage. Solar is particularly effective during these times as sunshine and hot summer days go hand in hand. In many parts of the country, utilities and even coops have encouraged the adoption of solar by paying their customers to install systems. Solar systems will protect you from peak related inflation and help utilities balance their loads.

If you look around the world and you’ll notice an explosion of renewable energy. This growth has allowed for global competition to create better, more efficient and cost effective solutions. In the US, installed solar capacity has grown by 900% over the past four years alone. This growth reflects the great value and viability of an industry that’s here to stay.

Energy Savings California offers solutions that present the highest possible value and functionality to customers. We provide a free in-home audit of energy usage and wastage. This test is performed using state of the art equipment by our certified Energy Analysts. Energy Savings California provides you with the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for your grid-tied renewable energy needs. Contact us for your free home energy audit and to see if switching to solar energy in Folsom, Ca is right for you.

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