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Switch to Solar Power in Auburn and Folsom, Ca.


When you decide to make the switch to solar power in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca. you are not just saving money, you are also saving some of our most precious resources and doing your part to become more energy independent.


By using solar power in your home in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca. you can protect yourself from the unpredictability of future spikes in electric prices. Going solar with Energy Savings California is like having an insurance policy against ever rising utility costs.

Solar energy is smart in creating more predictable future energy costs and it is also smart in terms of the future, period. Generating clean, renewable energy means less coal being burned and less smog and greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere.


Solar power is abundant, ready and waiting to be used every day.  When our kids look back on the world we have left them, it is important that they will get the same chances to enjoy the good life that we have all had. To make sure that happens, we believe it is our duty to constantly seek new ways to live smarter with the resources we have.

Using solar power reduces your carbon footprint. It is equivalent to taking cars off the road, planting new trees, and burning fewer fossil fuels. It also equals a decrease in smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gasses. Using solar to power homes is one of the most impactful things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, increase our energy independence, and help ourselves as we face the future.


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