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Solar Testimonial El Dorado Hills 5 STAR SOLAR REVIEW * Energy Savings California Helps Families Save on Their Utility Bill with Solar. Serving El Dorado, Sacramento and Placer Counties

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Energy Savings California was able to help Sherri M of El Dorado Hills, Ca save on her utilities by installing solar panels on her home. Her electric bill went from $800 to $100 per month. She is one of our very happy customers.

A lot of may feel that one of the largest hurdles to investing in solar panel technology in El Dorado Hills, Ca. is the upfront cost of the solar panels. Nevertheless, it's important to be aware that solar powered energy in the Sacramento area isn't as costly as it used to be. In fact, it's getting increasingly affordable by the year. Relating to a Berkeley Research laboratory report, the price of PV solar panel installation has gone down more than 50 percent since the year 2009.

This price tag continues to drop every year. Now is a great time to invest in solar panel technology.

By investing in solar panels for your home in El Dorado Hills,Ca. you help reduce the stress on the electrical grid. Not only does this lessen the environmental burden, it also helps reduce the enormous expense of electrical power.

This happens because solar power is produced during sunniest hours when energy usage is at its highest. The excess power that is generated extends back into the main grid and helps encounter desire. The results can be astounding.

Department of Energy data reveals that negative low cost prices of electricity in our state lined up with increasing solar energy generation. Evidently, PV solar power may even lower electrical power prices benefiting all involved.

With so many solar energy installers to pick from in El Dorado, Sacramento and Placer counties, it can be difficult for the average homeowner to discern between a true expert and one looking to make money from a trending industry. Thankfully, for folks moving into California, Energy Savings California has some solutions which make sense for both the planet as well as your wallet.

For a long term investment that is good for your wallet and the environment, Energy Savings California is a smart choice. Between their experience, knowledge and professionalism and attractive financing options, Energy Savings California will confirm that switching to solar can benefit both you and the environment.


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