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Solar Panel Maintenance in Folsom, Ca

Maintaining Your Solar Panel System in Folsom, Ca

Virtually any solar powered system in Folsom, Ca. is an exactly made and complex machine that needs regular maintenance to work at its’ highest efficiency. Nowhere are these claims more evident as compared to the maintenance of the solar power panels themselves. Unlike many other varieties of energy, Photovoltaic systems do not require a ton of maintenance. Here are a few the key decisions an owner must make about them:

Checkups – You should have your solar panel system inspected at the beginning and end of the brightest and sunniest part of the year. For a complex solar panel system, it is a good idea to have a check by a professional every 5 years or more frequently if you notice any drop in production. Additionally it is also a good idea to have a solar system checked on any house before you buy it.

Scope of Maintenance Work - There so many items that can be inspected on the typical PV solar power system. This truth does not always indicate that they all should be. A technician from an established company such as Energy Savings California will make clear the path to take to a home owner in layman's terms.

Moving Your Panels - Your initial design and set up of a solar panel system is not always optimized. In short, the system often has to be adjusted afterward moving it.  Additionally, as the system gets older, components become misaligned. While not always immediately considered, it is essential to note whether the solar energy panels of a heating and cooling system are properly focused and whether they are doing the most effective job possible.

Upgrades - Solar panels are very trustworthy and with proper maintenance can last for more than ten years in good working order. Even so, the technology of solar panel systems evolves on a continuous basis and a once great solar panel system can certainly become outdated over the course of its’ life. This can be a very difficult decision whether to exchange an outdated but still highly functional system with a far more modern and efficient one. In most cases, it is best to consult with a professional and let them run the numbers.

There are several serious factors to consider when it comes to any sort of solar power system in Folsom, Ca. For more information on maintenance issues or for any other solar power questions in general, please contact Energy Savings California online at

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