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Solar Panel Installation in Sacramento, CA


There are more and more solar panel installations appearing around the country every day. There are the large solar farms with thousands of panels installed and operated by large companies. Then there are the systems that are installed individually for consumers on the roof of their homes. These are small systems designed to take advantage of space on a roof that gets a lot of sun and generate savings for these consumers. There are a few practical issues to consider when thinking about a solar panel installation on the roof of your home. First there is the orientation of the roof and any obstacles that might provide shade. Typically, consumers should have a south west facing roof with no trees that are going to provide shade during the day. Maximum efficiency can be obtained in these situations.


Next is the condition of the existing roof. Consumers who have a new roof installed with many more years of life in it are in the best position to consider a solar panel installation. If your roof will need to be replaced in the next couple of years, you may want to consider a solar panel system after the new roof is installed. Connection of the solar panel system once the installation is completed to the electrical grid is controlled by your local electrical system supplier. These issues and requirements are well understood by the installation company and can be reviewed with a consumer considering Solar Panel Installation in Sacramento, CA.


Finally, there is the initial cost of Solar Panel Installation in Sacramento, CA, the ongoing operating costs for maintenance and of course the savings in electrical costs that will be acquired. Our solar panel company can help you understand these cash flows and the associated business case for going this route. More and more people are finding that it makes a lot of financial sense to install a solar panel system.