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Solar Energy in Folsom, Ca

Solar energy in Folsom, Ca. provides homeowners with more control over their energy use. And in the global view, the yearly reduction in carbon from generating electricity from an average 4 kW solar system is equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by half an acre of trees. So as solar use increases, the ecological gains become significant. Solar energy is not an entirely new concept, but it continues to emerge as a leading alternative to fossil fuels. 

Solar energy offers many benefits to homeowners. By moving to solar from fossil fuels to solar, you are able to help reduce carbon emissions, promote local control of our energy consumption, and reduce the need for electric power distribution. Based on your unique power requirements, you and other homeowners can decide how big of a system to install and generate electricity right where you use it. Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source available. Today’s technology allows us to harness this resource in several ways, giving homeowners, businesses, and utilities flexible ways to use the heat of the sun.

In the last decade, the cost of solar PV systems has dropped dramatically and thousands of California residents have installed systems in all parts of the state to meet a portion, if not all of their annual energy needs.

The cost of solar energy in Folsom, Ca depends on the size of the system, manufacturer, and the ease of installation. The easiest way to get started with a solar PV system is to get a bid proposal from a solar contractor. In fact, we recommend homeowners get two to three bids from different contractors to compare them. For more information call Energy Savings California.

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