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Solar Energy Systems in Folsom, Ca

Solar energy systems in Folsom, Ca have a diverse array of uses in residential applications. One of them is a grid tied system.

Every home or business needs hot water and electricity. These two basic needs are the goals of Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems. Recent years have seen rapid growth in the number of installations of PV on to homes that are connected to the electricity grid. This area of demand has been stimulated in part by government subsidy programs (especially Japan and Germany) and by green pricing policies of utilities or electricity service providers (e.g. in Switzerland and the USA). The central driving force though comes from the desire of individuals to obtain their electricity from a clean, non-polluting, renewable source for which they are prepared to pay a small premium.

In these grid-connected systems, a PV System supplies electricity to the building and any day-time excess may be exported to the grid. Batteries are not required because the grid supplies any extra demand. However, if you want to be independent of the grid supply you will need battery storage to provide power outside daylight hours.

Solar PV modules can be retrofitted on to a pitched roof above the existing roof-tiles, or the tiles replaced by specially designed PV roof-tiles or roof-tiling systems. If you are planning to put a PV system on to a home and have it connected to the grid supply there are likely to be local regulations that need to be met, and permission required from your utility or electricity service provider. The level of credit for any exported electricity will vary depending on local schemes in place. For more information on the uses of solar energy systems in Folsom, Ca call Energy Savings California.


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