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Purchasing Solar Panels for Your Home in Folsom, CA

Purchasing Solar Panels for Your Home in Folsom, CA.

In the event you purchase your solar panels in Folsom, CA., your home value goes up the moment your panels are installed. Should you ever decide to move, the feature to potential buyers is simple: A few extra dollars on a mortgage for buying a solar home will not compare to the constantly rising electric bill they will have if they buy the next home without solar panels.

Some people are actually getting the complete investment with their solar system back to them, and in addition they were able to realize all the savings while they occupied the house! That is pretty incredible.

The misconception with solar energy is that it is very pricey and only the energy conscious and “green” people are buying it.

While that may have been true in the past years, with the way electricity rates are rising, it might be a financial crime to ignore switching to solar in Folsom, Ca., especially since you are now able to get 30% of the complete cost of the system back to you by means of a tax credit with no limit.

That means, the larger the system you spend money on, the more money you get back (or do not need to pay if you pay your taxes at the end of the year).

Of course, you should definitely consult with your tax person about this, but as of right now, the 30% residential solar tax credit is available to anyone that invests in solar at this time making solar as affordable as it has ever been, and less expensive than continuing to pay the power companies forever.

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