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Purchasing Home Solar Systems in Folsom, CA Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners and prospective home buyers are purchasing home solar systems in Folsom, Ca. because they are excited about the idea of someday not having to pay for electricity. Although solar panel ownership requires a significant investment upfront, this investment usually will pay for itself via electricity cost savings in a period of 20 years or less. Even if you move out of your home in less time than that, the amortized value of your solar panel installation shouldn’t be discounted. Instead, calculate the unreimbursed portion of your panels’ cost and add approximately that amount to the selling price of your home. In this way, you’ll at least realize the remainder of the money that you put into the solar system purchase when you sell the property.

Of course, this is the primary benefit that most homeowners perceive when purchasing a solar energy system — a lowering and possible elimination of electricity costs over time that will eventually outweigh the purchase cost of the panels themselves. When comparing how much your future electricity costs will be without panels to the same costs after panels are installed, you should be able to see a definite difference in your monthly expenses. Of course, the upfront cost of panels may mean that you would need to stay in your home more than a decade to realize a true savings, but for homeowners who are not thinking about moving in the short- or medium-term, solar panels can be a welcome reduction of monthly bills.

Purchasing a home solar system in Folsom, Ca means you’ll be reducing your home’s electricity-related carbon footprint permanently. You can breathe easier knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment and reduce local pollution from power plants that generate the electricity your home would otherwise use.

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