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Photovoltaic Solar Electricity in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca.

Many homeowners in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca are kicking their electric companies to the curb and making the switch to solar electricity.

Lower or eliminate your monthly power bill and help make the planet safer for future generation. With solar electricity, you will gain freedom from constantly rising electricity prices and harmful greenhouse gasses.

Photovoltaic solar modules convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Homeowners in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca. who are using these solar energy systems enjoy the financial freedom from rising power bills and the comfort and pride of doing their part for the environment. With many environmental and economic benefits, no other power-producing system is comparable to photovoltaic solar electricity.

Switch to solar now, with no money down. Our financing options make solar energy systems an affordable option for every homeowner. Solar energy systems also qualify for a 30% Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit from the government.

Electricity prices will keep rising and are subject to unpredictable spikes. Lock-in low solar energy rates to know exactly what you will be paying each year.

Installing a solar energy system in your home is one of the best investments you can make. Energy Savings California provides solar PV solar systems for less than what most customers pay for utility-fed electricity. As electricity prices continue to spike, your solar system will continue to produce power at today's rates and your savings will increase.  

Our PV solar systems are designed and made to last and come with a 25 year warranty.

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Call us today for your no cost site assessment! (916) 955-3374