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Owning a Solar Power System in Folsom, Ca

The benefits of owning a solar power system in Folsom, Ca are clear at this point – not only does a solar panel system help to reduce your property’s environmental footprint, it can also help reduce your home's energy use, thereby drastically reducing energy costs.

A solar power system isn’t cheap. Not only can it cost a decent chunk of money just to purchase the solar panels, but you’ll have to pay to have them properly installed as well. Of course, if you have the finances to do this, it may be worth the investment. This is because purchasing a solar panel system I Folsom, Ca  outright comes with numerous financial incentives.

Not only are there numerous federal rebates for converting to solar energy that can save you thousands of dollars off the purchase price, but there are tax credits that you can apply to as well. These financial incentives, along with the amount of money you’ll save on energy every year, will eventually cover the costs of not just purchasing the solar panels, but the solar panel installation as well. In fact, it’s estimated that you can cover your initial costs in as little as five to seven years.

Owning a solar power system in Folsom, Ca can be hugely beneficial for the value of your property as well. If you’re running a business, then your solar power system can be treated as a depreciable asset when it comes to your taxes. As a homeowner, the installation of solar panels can increase your home’s market value – and make it more attractive to potential homebuyers in the future. Contact us at Energy Savings California for more information.


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