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No Cost Site Assessment and Solar Energy Systems in Folsom, Ca. SOLAR PANELS, SOLAR INSTALLATION

No Cost Site Assessment and Solar Energy Systems in Folsom, Ca.

If you have been thinking about installing a solar energy system in your home in Folsom, Ca. then keep this in mind; each property is unique in some way.  This is always the case, even if you live in a neighborhood where many of the houses look alike.  This is why a site assessment is so important, and Energy Savings California will provide one at no cost to our potential clients.

There are multiple factors that can affect the efficiency and feasibility of a solar array.  Building orientation, panel tilt angle, electrical panel size, roof geometry and tree shading are just some of the variables that we take into consideration when designing a solar energy system. Also, it is essential to us that you love how your array looks; the aesthetics of your installation are very important.

While conducting the site assessment, we determine the most logical, functional and appropriate place to locate your new solar array for optimum performance. One of the most important tests we perform onsite is a shading study. This helps us determine with a high degree of accuracy the available sunlight. Home solar energy systems are usually installed on a south-facing roof of a house or garage.  If space is too limited, or shaded for a certain installation, we will make recommendations as to where they make sense for your system.

If you are ready to learn more and would like to schedule your no cost site assessment, give us a call and we will get started.  Once the analysis is complete, you will be given a comprehensive report on your system design and cost, projected performance, and your return-on-investment. Call today! (916) 955-3374


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