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Looking For a Solar Installer in Folsom, Ca.

Are you looking for a solar installer in Folsom, Ca? Look no further than Energy Savings California, the premier solar installers of the Greater Sacramento Area and a top-rated company in Folsom, Ca.

Going solar in Folsom, Ca with Energy Savings California means you can start saving money on your electricity bill immediately. Our solar financing options allow you to purchase a solar energy system for zero out-of-pocket costs!

Our financing solutions can make solar panels for your home affordable today, allowing you to save money instantly. We offer options including no money down and 0% interest rates on shorter-term loans. Plus, a 30% Federal Tax Credit is available on all home solar panel installations, and many local utilities including SMUD and PG&E offer additional CASH rebates for going solar at home!

Installing solar panels at home lets you take ownership of your power supply and costs. Let one of Energy Savings California’s highly experienced solar experts show you how solar can work for your home. 

Pay one fixed rate for your electricity. Today, solar panels are manufactured with 25-year production warranties. Customers can produce their own power and avoid the worry associated with the rising costs of electricity over the next two and a half decades.

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