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Installing Solar Power Systems in Folsom, Ca

Northern California is an ideal place to invest in solar panels. We get over 300 days of sunshine each year. The state of California offers rebates and other incentives to Folsom homeowners who make the switch to solar which makes installing solar panels in Folsom, Ca. an even more appealing option. There is much to consider, like the location of your home and how much energy you use. Energy Savings California can help you assess these things by doing a free Home Energy Audit.

The size of your solar system depends on a few things, including your personal energy needs, your roof size, and the amount of energy you want to produce. Residential solar panel systems range in size from 2-10kW

You can drastically reduce your monthly electric bill by putting a solar panel system on your home. The amount you save will depend on the size of your system and the percentage of your complete energy supply that is generated by solar power help figure out your savings. The majority of solar customers in Sacramento, Ca. realize that their monthly utility bill, which in California averages between $200 and $500 for larger homes can be pretty much eliminated.

A solar power system in Folsom, Ca. will typically produce about half as much energy on a cloudy day as it will on a bright, clear day. And most solar systems will still store energy that is produced on sunny days so the energy can be used when it is needed on those not so sunny days.


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