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How to Prepare for Solar Panels Installation in Sacramento, CA.


Do you want to install solar panels? One way of reducing carbon footprint and improving the environment is by installing solar systems in Sacramento, CA. in your home. However, you need to prepare yourself well before installing the panels.

The reason is that you need to know your total energy consumption, which enables you to know the number of systems to install and repair your roof to allow you to get the best of your system. This post looks at these preparations in detail.


Discuss Your Energy Consumption with a Contractor

The best way of preparing for solar power installation is by consulting a solar energy contractor. The reason is that you need to have a one-year history of your energy usage at hand, which is measured in kWh per month or year.

That helps you to know how much space you need for your system to enable you to produce an equal amount of solar energy. The next step is to prepare where to place the panels and the area of their installation.


Choose a Sunny Location

Bear in mind that solar systems need the full sun to work efficiently. You can place them either on the roof or on the ground depending on which area provides you with an effective solution.

The placement area depends on where the contractor and you find the best. If it’s a slightly shaded area, consider calling a landscaper or tree trimmer to make sure the area is exposed to the full sun.


Replace or Repair Your Roof for Solar Installation

Consider repairing or replacing your roof if that’s where you choose to place the panels. That’s because solar panels are designed to last for several years, for example, 20 years. It means they may outlast the lifetime of your roof, which needs an overhaul every 5-10 years.


Final Thoughts

Preparing for solar panels installing in Sacramento, CA. should be easier using the above post. Make sure you consult reputable solar panel installers and choose the best location for the placement. 

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