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Grid-Tie PV Solar Systems in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca.

Photovoltaic (PV) technologies convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Off grid PV systems store energy in batteries for later use, while grid-tie PV systems utilize the utility grid for storage of energy. Grid-tie PV systems with battery backup allow for the convenience and financial benefits of a grid-tie system and the peace of mind that your solar array will still provide electricity for your home during a grid power outage. Energy Savings California offers all of these solar options for homeowners in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca. Systems are available to meet any need or specification, from 1% of your energy usage to 100%. 

If your main goal with solar power is to save money on your electric bills for years to come, then a grid-tie PV system is the way to go. This eliminates the need for a battery bank as the means of energy storage, and simply uses the grid as the storage when your solar electric system generates more electricity than you are using. This means of interconnection and utility metering is known as net metering.

Energy Savings California is dedicated to high quality workmanship and customer service. Our solar installations always include all fees and documentation required by the utility company, as well as all permitting and inspection costs, making your solar installation as smooth and as seamless as possible. 

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