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Kim M in Folsom, Ca. is another happy solar customer of Energy Savings California. 

Solar technology is a green alternative to electric power plants that burn up fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gases, which is contributing to global warming.

Solar technology is also a good financial investment that shields you from increasing electricity costs and escalates the overall value of your house.

The usage of solar technology in Folsom, Ca. makes the near future bright for California and leaves a legacy of clean energy and a solid, unsoiled environment for future decades.

At Energy Savings California we focus on the design, set up and maintenance of solar powered energy systems. Our thorough alternatives assist homeowners by reducing electric bills, minimizing negative environmental influences, and increasing energy dependability and independence.

When you get started producing your own solar powered energy in Folsom, Ca, your utility expenses will decrease significantly. Just how much it can save you will rely upon how large your solar system is as well as your power usage. Whenever your solar power system produces more power than your home can use right away, your surplus power is sent back again to the power grid as well as your meter practically spinning backwards!

Solar energy systems built nowadays are incredibly reliable. They are actually reliable resources of energy.  Your solar technology system requires hardly any upkeep, largely since it does not have any moving parts. All of your system requires is nominal shade, periodic cleaning and inspection. Every home differs; therefore the size of one's system will rely upon your power needs, roof top space and solar goals. Home solar systems are usually 3-10 kW. Energy Savings California will design your system to meet your custom needs and offset as much of your electric bill as you wish.

A lot of the parts on your new system, such as solar power panels, carry a manufacturer's guarantee of 25 years; others, like the inverters, hold 10-year warranties. A lot of solar panel systems can outlast their guarantees.

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