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Energy Savings California - Saving Money, Rebates, Solar Installation, Solar Panels in El Dorado Hills, Ca.

Energy Savings California can help you save money on your monthly energy costs!

Families are taking advantage of the enormous tax incentives and rebates available for making the switch from conventional electrical power to solar power. Homeowners across the country are now experiencing some of the best solar markets nationwide. As more people turn to solar power they also greatly reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint and electric bills. The return on investment for installing a solar system has never been higher and the break even point so short. By utilizing available State, Federal, and utility rebates coupled with solar financing, there is no out of pocket cost and monthly installments are typically lower than your utility bill.

Energy Savings California is trusted by homeowners to provide quality solar system installation and top notch customer service. Installing a solar system in El Dorado Hills, Ca. is a fantastic way to save money while lowering monthly utility bills and contributing to the solution for climate change. Green energy keeps Sacramento communities and skies cleaner.

Not only can you expect to receive the best quality home solar powered systems, but our expert installers know how to merge our innovative, clean solar panels with a wide selection of home roofing designs. It is not uncommon to see 60% to 80% savings with a PV solar system.

Energy Savings California has very competitive pricing and is experienced in dealing with HOA’s, and in helping you find the best solution for your budget and energy goals.  Call us today to schedule your free consultation. (916) 955-3374

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