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Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners in Sacramento, Ca

There are immediate opportunities for homeowners in Sacramento, Ca. to quickly become more energy conscious and to reduce their electricity costs. Awareness is key and knowledge is power.

Here are 10 ways that we waste energy and water in buildings every day.

1) Running space heaters under desks while air conditioning is on because buildings are over cooled.

2) Propping doors or windows open in retail stores or office buildings to mitigate over-cooling or to draw in shoppers.

3) Running heating and cooling systems at the same time due to improperly maintained equipment. (Yes, it happens more than you might expect).

4) Sprinklers that are not correctly aimed and are watering streets, sidewalks, and driveways.

5) Sprinklers that turn on during rainstorms or are activated at the warmest, sunniest times of day. By watering during the day, as much as 20-25% of the water is lost to evaporation from heat and wind, according to California Drought Preparedness.

6) Using a water hose and nozzle to ‘sweep’ sidewalks and driveways instead of using a broom.

7) Keeping lights on all day even when sunlight could be used to illuminate a space properly. Lighting is responsible for one-fourth of all electricity consumption worldwide.

8) Utilizing all of the lighting in a space when task-specific lighting would easily do the trick.

9) Leaving lighting, heating or cooling systems on during the night at levels that would be appropriate for daytime occupancy.

10) Keeping computers, printers and other computer equipment on all night or weekend when it is not being used. A typical US home has about 40 “vampire energy” products continuously drawing power. These devices, which include mobile phone chargers, set top boxes, computers and game consoles can account for approximately 10% of a home energy bill each month, according to a study on standby power by IBM, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the International Energy Agency and eXtension.

We all have opportunities to make a difference in our energy and water consumption at home and in the office. I would suggest taking a few minutes each day for 1 week to observe how you’re using energy in each of these environments, and adjust your usage accordingly. While these may seem like simple changes, they will make a difference in your energy bill while at the same time conserving much-needed resources, especially in the hot summer months.

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