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We are able to change sunlight right to electricity using solar panels. Each day, light strikes your roof's solar power panels with photons (debris of sun light). The solar power changes those photons into electrons of immediate current ("DC") electricity. The electrons move from the solar power and into an inverter and other electro-mechanical devices. The inverter changes that "DC" electric power (commonly found in batteries) into alternating electric current or ("AC") electric power.  AC electric power is the sort of electrical power that your television set, computer, and other appliances use when connected to the wall socket.

An online energy meter monitors all of the energy your solar system produces. Any solar that you don't use will return back into the electric grid through the meter. During the night or on cloudy days and nights, whenever your system is not producing more than your building needs, you will take in electricity from the grid as normal. Your power company will charge you for the "net" usage for just about any given billing period and offer you a credit for excess throughout a given period. You could carry your credit forward for a year.

You could install a photovoltaic or solar electric system yourself. But to avoid issues or injury, you will likely want to employ an established professional service provider with experience setting up solar systems. While they may be really complex electric systems, the essential PV component (an interconnected, enclosed -panel of PV cells) does not have any moving parts and can keep producing for more than 30 years while demanding maintenance. The components are made to meet strict stability and sturdiness requirements to endure the elements. The ultimate way to ensure and prolong the life span and efficiency of your solar system is to make sure it is installed and taken care of properly. Most solar system problems arise because of poor or careless system installation.

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