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Embracing Solar Power Panels in Folsom, Ca.

Increasingly more homeowners are embracing solar power panels in Folsom, Ca. as the way to power their homes. To begin with, you will not have to see a utility bill ever again.  For another, putting in solar power panels in Folsom, Ca. instantly raises the value of your house. Third, you are helping to jeep the environment clean. Solar powered energy is green and inexhaustible and its own production will not emit whatever can harm the environment. If you're considering going solar, here are a few things to think about:


You must be the homeowner. That is important. You can't mount solar power panels if you aren't the owner of the property unless you have authorization from the owner. You will need a contractor on site during the installation. If a major accident was to occur and one of the contractor’s employees got hurt, they could sue the home owner to pay the medical expenses. The home owner should at least know that the company he has hired carries insurance in case of an accident.


You'll want a decent roof top. This comes almost without say. A sturdy roof is essential if it's going to hold your solar panels for a long time. Solar installers usually provide a warranty 25 years long. This means that you should expect your present roof to stay in good shape for at least that long.  If the roof is ageing, it is advantageous to replace it and then have the solar power panels installed. If you cannot afford to replace the whole roof, fix only the section where the panels will lie. You can certainly do the rest of the roof later when you have the funds.


Your roof top must face East, South or West. Solar power panels in Folsom, Ca. usually create energy from the light of the sun and not heat, as many folks think. This means that you must choose an area on the roof top that maximizes the quantity of light you get during daylight hours. The Sun rises in the east and journeys to the west throughout the day. This means that your panels, if they're to receive the most sunlight, should be facing either east or west.  A south-facing roof top would be ideal so you get both rising eastern and setting western sunlight. When you have two roofs that face east and west, you may be wondering which roof top you should choose. If they're tilted at different sides, you should choose one that is more horizontal. If they're both tilted at the same position, either one is going to do the job. If you're uncertain how to select the region roof where your panels will be mounted, ask your solar contractor to check; they're usually happy to get it done for free.

Your roof should not be shaded. We mentioned previously that solar energy is made by light from the sun, so installing solar power panels in a location where they aren't shaded is important. When you have trees that block the sun, you ought to have them cut back to increase the efficiency of your system. Finally, once your installation is performed, you should make a habit of cleaning your panels every 6 months or so, especially in the summertime when there may be less rain. Dust particles can cause the panels to produce less and less energy as time passes. Ask your solar contractor if indeed they can send someone regularly unless you want to clean them yourself.

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