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Efficient Solar Power in Sacramento, CA



Solar power farms are springing up all over the country. These large installations can be seen from a long distance away in desert areas and often they are combined with wind farms to generate electricity. Consumers are also installing solar panels to create their own small solar power farms. Consumers can benefit from government grants as well as excellent financial incentives to help with the initial installation. Savings from reduced electricity use from the local electrical utility contribute the rest of the savings. Many are finding that they can save hundreds of dollars per month during high air conditioning months.


Solar Power in Sacramento, CA is designed to feed into the electrical grid during sunny days and low residential use generating savings for the consumer. They also generate electricity for use during high use days that also reduce the amount of energy drawn from the electrical grid. The combination is a win-win for the consumer. The process for installing a residential solar power system starts with an evaluation. They look at the amount of sunlight you will receive on average at the planned installation site. This takes into account roof orientation, shade from surrounding obstacles such as trees and other buildings etc. They also look at your roof to assess support capabilities and the condition of your roof. There is no sense completing an installation when the rood needs to be replaced within a few years.


Once the assessment is completed, a design will be completed and an estimate of the all the installation costs and the electrical generation capabilities will be developed. Then the cash flows are generated which provide the consumer information about what to expect in terms of cash flows and savings are provided. Technicians can help consumers understand and address all of their questions about Solar Power in Sacramento, CA.