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Buying or Leasing Solar Power Panels in Folsom, Ca

There are some great things about having a solar powered energy system installed in your home in Folsom, Ca. Not only will a solar power system help lessen your property's environmental footprint additionally; it may lessen your home’s energy use, therefore drastically minimizing energy costs. However, you have two options to consider as it pertains to obtaining solar power systems in your home in Folsom, Ca. - you can either purchase them outright or you can lease them. Listed below are a few of the factors to consider whether buying or leasing a solar powered energy system in Folsom, Ca.


A solar powered energy system isn't cheap. Not only does it cost a good chunk of money just to acquire the solar panels, but you will need to pay to have them properly installed as well. Needless to say, if you possess the finances to get this done, it could be well worth the investment. Purchasing a solar power system outright includes numerous financial bonuses.

Not only are there numerous federal rebates for switching to solar power that can help you save thousands off the price, but there are tax credits that you can connect with as well. These financial bonuses, combined with the amount you'll save on energy each year, will eventually cover the expenses of purchasing the solar panels, as well as the solar panel installation. Actually, it's approximated that you can cover your original costs in less than five to seven years.

As a home owner, installing solar panels in Folsom, Ca. can boost your home's market value and make it more appealing to potential buyers in the foreseeable future.


Unless you want to cover in advance the costs of putting in solar panels, you might want to consider renting/leasing them instead. You'll still cut costs and spend less over the long term because of the amount of energy you save. There are a few other advantages to leasing solar panels besides just conserving in advance costs. For instance, you will not have to be concerned about maintenance. In the event that you purchase solar panels, you will be responsible for any maintenance or repairs required of the system. The company you lease your solar panels from offers you repair and maintenance service in your lease contract.  Also, once your lease is up, you can upgrade your solar powered energy system using newer and better solar panels.

Deciding whether to buy solar power panels or even to lease them in Folsom, Ca. will depend greatly on your unique needs and situation, so be certain to keep these factors in mind. For more information on buying or leasing solar panels in Folsom, Ca. call Energy Savings California today.

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