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Bring Solar Home in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca.

Bring solar energy home with a home solar electric system in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca. You will discover multiple reasons, especially in California, for using the energy of sunlight to provide electric energy for your home needs. Cease your hate relationship with that increasing, monthly utility bill; there are rebates and incentives for solar powered energy available that make switching to solar one of the soundest investments you may make to aid your home, family, community, and our planet. Energy Savings California would love to help you open up your home to the magic of solar technology; there are excellent financing possibilities for home solar electric systems. Also, it can be fun to watch your electric meter run backwards while your home rises in value!

Often home solar customers in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca. will create more energy than they need for themselves. In this case, they can supply that surplus energy back to the grid and many utility companies will provide you with a credit on your utility bill. This process is called net metering, and the cost savings accumulate quickly to offset your investment.

By incorporating solar technology into the home, you are investing in your community itself. Solar electric is here now to stay, and it's really much more lasting than fossil energy. Going solar actually benefits our entire planet.

Both federal and local governments now offer rebates and incentives for home solar customers. There is also federal tax credits designed for solar homeowners in Auburn and Grass Valley, Ca.  Energy Savings California will manage all the paperwork for you. Give us a call today for a free of charge home energy assessment and start saving! (916) 955-3374.

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