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Analyze Your Home's Energy Usage and Wastage in Auburn, Ca.

Before you decide to switch to solar, it would be a good idea to have your home’s energy usage and wastage analyzed in Auburn, Ca. If your utility bills are stressing you out and you would like to start conserving energy while improving the overall comfort of your home, then you should consider getting a home energy analysis from Energy Savings California. Our Energy Analysts are all BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified. When assessing your energy wastage we use a whole house approach. We then use the results of your analysis to determine what steps to take next in drastically cutting your utility costs.

By taking the whole house approach we can determine just how much outside air is leaking into your home, how well your insulation is working, exactly where air leaks out of your home and how well your air ducts are performing.

Our energy analysis requires evaluating how your home performs from an energy-efficiency standpoint. Furthermore a physical diagnosis of exterior surfaces, insulation, ductwork, as well as Heating and Air conditioning system, we also use tools to determine its performance. We take all of that data and make tactical suggestions to help make the biggest effect on your energy use and comfort.

We use infrared cams to spotlight how well your Auburn home performs. Using this specific tool we can accurately assess performance to make educated recommendations. Our Energy Analyst will discuss the diagnosis with you, so that you know where and how energy is leaking, and running up your electricity expenses.

We also evaluate a year of your utility bills to better learn how to cut costs and boost your comfort.

Generally in most homes, an energy audit will take approximately 2 hours and will not disrupt your regular home routine. In the event that you decide that you don’t want to proceed with the suggested upgrades and improvement strategy, there is no obligation. If you do decide to use Energy Savings California, we will apply the expense of the analysis to whatever improvements you decide to make.

The primary purpose of your analysis is to look for the most ways to save you money on your electricity bills, while maximizing comfort in your Auburn, Ca. home. Oftentimes, these advancements can also improve indoor air quality and raise the value of your home. There are many rebates and special funding available for making these energy upgrades and we will help you find and use every one of them. Call Energy Savings California today for your free home energy analysis. (916) 955-3374.

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